Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Actors Lend Support To Writers' Strike

This strike has even affected New Orleans' own 'K-Ville'.

The Fox network cop show "K-Ville" stopped filming in New Orleans on Thursday, cutting short its planned 13-episode shoot by several weeks and cutting loose its large local crew.

The series, starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser as post-Katrina New Orleans Police Department officers, was reportedly a victim of the Writers Guild of America strike, which started Monday.

Fox on Wednesday released a strike-shuffled schedule for January and beyond, and "K-Ville" isn't on it. But the show's main NOPD station-house set, built in a Harahan warehouse, will not be disassembled immediately.

Perverts Visits Chat Lines

Pedophilia is in the air. You can hear it. You can see it. Indeed, just two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court was waist-deep in the vile mess struggling with the oral arguments in U.S. v Williams. In that case, Michael Williams engaged an undercover agent in an on-line Yahoo! chat room dedicated to child pornography. Williams bragged about possessing such filth including pictures of himself engaging in sexual conduct with his own young toddler-age daughter.

The federal authorities arrested Williams and while they didn’t find pictures of his daughter, they found plenty of others. He was charged with two federal criminal counts: one for possession of child pornography and one for what has been labeled pandering in child pornography.

Some General Aspects of a Psychopath

The following information provides another glimpse into the mind of a psychopath:

A psychopath is often filled with greed inside, relating to the world through power, even though on the outside he can claim to be on the side of the disenfranchised or the downtrodden. The psychopath can also often identify himself as a revolutionary.

On the flip side, however, the psychopath can paint a picture of himself as the downcast anti-hero (his "own worst enemy type") and some like to see themselves as lone-wolves. The psychopath may even claim he is sensitive and profound, but inside he feels nothing but emptiness and greed. Whether or not the psychopath is aware of his behavior is something that is often debated. I do believe that psychopaths usually know exactly what they are doing, although others suggest that psychopaths are "born, not made."

I believe that psychopathy is primarily genetic. A son with a psychopathic father often will be psychopathic as well, especially if the father was abusive and/or abandoned the family as well.

A Glimpse At How a Psychopath Views the World

Yesterday, I commented on an article, in the Times Picayune, title "The Two Sides of Stan Barre". The following information will perhaps shed more light on Mr. Barre's personality:

Most psychopaths are very arrogant and cocky. However, when charming a potential victim, they say all the "right" things and make you believe they are kind-hearted souls; not always, but often enough. The truth is, psychopaths are not altruistic and do not really care about friendships or ties.

Guggenbuhl-Craig states that they are very talented at appearing much more humble than the average person, but are hardly so. Some are also able to feign concern about the lower classes and profess that they are on the side of the underdog, the poor, and so forth. A psychopath may claim, for instance (if he's from a low socio-economic class), that he dislikes rich people intensely, but at the same time, he will inwardly yearn and envy what they have. He is like the narcissist, desiring to reflect a false image of himself through his possessions.

Among his possessions are included human beings: girlfriends, wives, and children. Some psychopaths can even be very fond of animals (contrary to the common viewpoint), but still view them as objects in relation to themselves.

Don't Let Drug Addicts get at your old Meds

Drug addiction is a serious problem in our country. There may have been a time when you were prescribed medication that would appeal to a drug addict. Have you ever thought about what you could do with those unused drugs? I ran across this interesting article that I think you should read:

Got some leftover drugs -- the kind that someone else might want to use, such as painkillers or stimulants? Wrap them up in used kitty litter or other pet droppings, the U.S. government advises.

A pilot program at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is looking at ways people can safely dispose of unused prescription drugs that are liable to be abused.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends flushing some of the most dangerous ones down the toilet, including the strong, addictive painkillers oxycodone and fentanyl and stimulants such as methylphenidate.

On its Web site at, SAMHSA recommends ways to disguise leftover pills.

"Mixing prescription drugs with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter, and putting them in impermeable, nondescript containers, such as empty cans or sealable bags, will further ensure the drugs are not diverted," it says.

Of course some people do not drink coffee. But maybe they have a pet ferret.

"Ferret waste, like nearly any other form of pet waste, can be effectively used to help prevent the abuse of unused prescription drugs," SAMHSA spokesman Mark Weber said.

This news delighted the American Ferret Association.

"The U.S. government declares ferret poop to be an effective weapon against drug abuse," the group said in a statement.

SAMHSA said the problem is no joke.

"One in five teens reports intentionally misusing someone else's prescription drugs to get high. Nearly half say they get the medications from friends and relatives for free," it says in a statement.

Dr. Ilene Ruhoy of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, studied leftover pharmaceuticals found in the homes of 473 people who died in 2006. She found 3,562 controlled substances, or an average of nearly eight per person.

More than half were hydrocodone painkiller products, while the rest were oxycodone, morphine or fentanyl.

Myspace Becomes Hybrid for Phishing Scam

The online social networking site, is causing a lot of problems for unsophisticated teens and unwary adults whose sites have been targeted by a phishing scam. The scam offers the users a free Macy's gift card. Macy has denied that such offer exist.

The users of Myspace are tricked into giving out their usernames and passwords. After their information is captured, the scam also sends out the same Macy's gift card offers to the users Myspace friends. Myspace seems to not be able to control this type of scam.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Myspace Is a Haven for Gangs

The online social networking site, Myspace, is always in the news. It appears that the online social networking site is only interested in their revenue dollars and not the interest of the large numbers of young people who spend time on their site. Myspace appears to not be concerned with what is being posted on its sites.

There has been incidents of alleged internet posturings by gang-banger wannabes that has run smack into school officials with zero tolerance.

Three Kamiakin High school students were hauled before the school board last week to answer questions about photos posted on their Myspace, accused of flashing gang-signs and clothing on school grounds.

A Times-Picayune Award Winning Story

After reading and commenting on the horrors of New Orleans, that ranges from murders to bribery, it is a good feeling to finally read an article that focuses on someone who has character and substance. The following article was refreshing:

Rhode Island eye doctor Thomas McCauley acknowledges that he came to a medical convention in New Orleans with his head on a swivel: wary, defensive and expecting calamity at any moment in a city he had been told was the crime capital of the country.

So when he lost four wads of crisp, newly won Ben Franklins totaling $8,000 at Harrah's New Orleans Casino on Thursday night, he figured his pocket had been picked, until Harrah's buffet waiter Al Castro handed the cash back to him an hour later, every hundred accounted for.

McCauley was still thunderstruck on Friday. He broadcast Castro's honesty to everyone he saw, beginning with Harrah's management, which eagerly grasped the incident as an opportunity not only to shower praise on one of its own, but also to counter New Orleans' image as a crime-ridden city that tourists enter at their peril.

"The man can't be tempted," an effusive McCauley said of Castro. "He's the saint of New Orleans."

McCauley, an eye surgeon from Narragansett, is in New Orleans attending a convention of the American Academy of Ophthalmology with a friend, Steve Carlson.

McCauley said he won $8,000 at craps and blackjack Thursday evening and stuffed the winnings in a spare wallet that carried no identification. He said he carries a second wallet as a defense against pickpockets, which he said friends back in Rhode Island warned him about.

Leaving the tables, McCauley said, he and Carlson spent an hour at the Harrah's buffet. Castro, 34, who also is an accounting student at the University of Phoenix, waited on them with such amiability that McCauley filled out a complimentary remarks card for Harrah's management. Then he and Carlson left to catch a show elsewhere in the casino.

An hour later, McCauley said, he realized his spare wallet -- stuffed with money but no identification -- was gone.

"I thought I got picked for sure -- that somebody had set me up," he said.

The waiter said Friday that he found the wallet stuck in the booth McCauley and Carlson had vacated.

When they rushed back to the restaurant an hour or so later, Castro recognized McCauley and readily returned the wallet, McCauley said.

"He said, 'Don't worry; it's all there,' " McCauley recalled.

McCauley quickly determined Castro was right. He insisted on rewarding Castro, who has a wife and 1-year-old daughter. But Castro refused to take anything, he said.

Even so, McCauley spent much of Friday making sure Harrah's, his convention colleagues and a good many others knew of Castro's honesty. "The day he graduates I'd hire him to do my books," he said.

As the story spread, Harrah's General Manager Jim Hoskins relayed word all the way up the corporate chain to Harrah's headquarters in Las Vegas.

"Don't worry, we're going to take care of him," Hoskins said.

So finally, the question: Why return a cash-stuffed wallet with no ID?

"Well, Dr. McCauley was a gentleman, and I put myself in his shoes," Castro said. "Plus my wife's been telling me she believes in karma.

"Good things happen to people to who do good things."

Slimy Mac-P, III and his Prostitute Mobile

Slimy Mac-P, III
The perfect ride to pick up prostitutes and slurp between their legs. Can you imagine being on house arrest while your daddy is begging for leniency with the feds? This is so funny.

The 'Two Sides of Stan "Pampy" Barre

After reading Stephanie Grace's article in the Times Picayune titled the "Two Sides of Stan Barre'", the following excerpt stuck out in my mind:

There's a school of thought that Stan "Pampy" Barré's word is dirt. There's a competing school of thought, which says that Barré's word right now is actually gold.

The theory goes like this: Facing the prospect of up to nine years in prison, the same sentence that co-defendant Kerry DeCay got after he pleaded guilty but didn't help the feds, Barré has every reason to give investigators good information. And given that they can punish him if they think he led them astray, he has a strong incentive to tell the truth and much to lose if he gets caught lying.

After reading this excerpt, I reached the following conclusion: Stan "Pampy" Barre had every reason to give investigators good information when he was first indicted, however, Mr. Barre chose not to do so. He and his cohorts devised a plan to provide the feds with phony documents. That led to the charge of "obstruction of justice."
He did lose as a result of being caught lying.

A psychopath is void of conscience and moral judgement. These individuals will often cause long-term harm, to others, due to their manipulative, deceitful, and often fraudulent behavior.

Psychopaths are "intraspecies predators" who use charm, manipulation, and intimidation, to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse.

What is missing, in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony.

Another Sad Day In New Orleans

This morning the Times Picayune reported the death of the New Orleans police officer who was shot last month.

Detective Thelonious Dukes, 47, died shortly after midnight Friday in University Hospital due to complications from his gunshot wounds, police sources said.

Two gunmen surprised Dukes and his wife around 3 a.m. on Oct. 13 as he worked on his motorcycle in his garage in the 100 block of Kristen Court, off Bullard Avenue.

Dukes was shot in his lower torso and leg, and his wife was shot in her foot.

This makes me sad and I wonder whether New Orleans will ever truly recover. One would think that the devastation, from Hurricane Katrina, would lead people to take stock of their life and realize that nothing in this life is worth killing someone over.

Myspace Pose Threat to Computers

Myspace has been hit several times by malicious malware. One should wonder whether it is even safe to be on myspace. "In March, McAfee reported the site is increasingly becoming an unhealthy breeding ground for the "scum of the Internet" by luring surfers to sexually explicit Web sites or trying to capture personal information from members that could lead to identity theft."

The rock band attack theme remains popular. In March, it was the French rock band MAMASAID that was used as a vehicle to download Trojans to unsuspecting members' computers. The Trojan JS/SpaceStalk worked through a feature in QuickTime that opens links automatically when a movie is run.

There Is a 'Gang Presence' on Myspace

Teenagers hold guns or make gang signs with their hands in the photographs posted on MySpace, an Internet social networking site.

The 19-year-old with the street name “Mobster” is from Altoona. The 15-year-old who lists his occupation as “to be a gangster” is from Duncansville.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Myspace Is Hacker Friendly

The MySpace page of singer Alicia Keys has become the latest vehicle for malware on the Web.

Researchers at the Atlanta, GA-based Exploit Prevention Labs have discovered multiple hacked MySpace pages, including the personal page of the R&B artist. Also hacked were pages for Greements of Fortune, a French funk band, and Dykeenies, a rock band from Glasgow.

When visitors click almost anywhere on these infected site, they are directed to, which appears to be a Chinese malware site. The visitors then see a box on their screen telling them they need to install a special codec to view the video – a legitimate possibility on any site rich in media. But if the visitor clicks ‘yes’, the site installs software that appears to be a rootkit and DNS changer. This would allow the hackers to take over what you see on your browser and what you download onto your computer.

Companies are Fed Up with Myspace

As companies move to restrict Web surfing at work, more of them are blocking access to MySpace than to Facebook, according to a survey released Wednesday by Web security company Barracuda Networks Inc.

The analysis of the data from the Web filters shows that companies consistently block Web sites with content related to hacking, illegal drugs, intolerance and hate, phishing and fraud, offensive content, terrorism, violence, weapons and spam.

Facebook's Strategy better than Myspace

Facebook is creating an automated service that combines e-commerce with word-of-mouth marketing. So when a Facebook user buys something, the seller will ask for permission to promote that fact to his or her social network (and, presumably, pay Facebook a fee if the user agrees). That's more akin to an Amazon seller who pays a commission than an advertiser who pays for a click on Google (Charts, Fortune 500).

The Facebook strategy isn't just about selling stuff. It's also about promoting brands. For instance, today I indicated I am a "fan" of The New York Times. Facebook will now broadcast that fact into the "Newsfeed" that my friends see as they log into the service -- and The New York Times benefits.

Facebook's chief competitor, MySpace, has long allowed members to befriend bands or brands. The difference is that Facebook distinguishes between advertisers and users. On MySpace, you make friends with a brand just like you would with, say, a new coworker. On Facebook, you can't make friends with anything other than a human being. Your affiliation with marketers on Facebook is completely different.

Facebook's plan to let people express online their offline relationships is unique from anything MySpace and most other social networks offer. To now attempt to inject sponsors into a user's social network -- and to do so without disturbing the human relationships that have allowed Facebook to thrive -- is fascinating and ambitious.

Facebook Ad System Will Outpace Myspace

Facebook sought to rewrite the playbook on Internet advertising Tuesday by introducing an innovative plan that helps companies target messages at networks of interested consumers.

The effort, called Facebook Ads, directs ads to people who link to the Web pages companies create on the popular social-networking site. Companies then send ads to that person, and the ads are visible to his or her network of friends.

The Facebook unveiling follows by one day the announcement of a less ambitious ad system by social-networking rival MySpace. MySpace, which is owned by News Corp., said it has 50 advertisers - including companies such as Procter & Gamble and Ford - using its "HyperTargeting" to target ads to consumers based on areas of interest.

The Facebook plan goes a step further by harnessing the power of "perceived endorsements" because the ads go to friends, where a relationship of trust has been built.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is Myspace A Place For Politics?

MySpace has introduced a section dedicated to the 2008 election called Impact Channel. It will be an online version of a town square, a collection of links to political MySpace pages that will make it easy for the site's 60 million monthly American users. Many of these users are from the youth demographic which is always pivotal for candidates and very hard to come by.

Myspace Imposter Posted Comments

Linday Lohan’s boyfriend, Riley Giles, says reports of him posting angry bulletins about Dina Lohan on MySpace are not true.

It was reported yesterday, that Giles had posted a bulletin on his MySpace account condemning Dina for going forth with her planned reality show. The snowboarder and former rehab resident says this is impossible, according to a report in InTouch Weekly.

“I don’t even have MySpace,” says Giles.

Charles Foti Files Suit Against Corrupt Insurance Companies.

Attorney General Charles Foti filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court late Wednesday alleging collusion, price-fixing and anti-trust violations by six major insurance companies - including Allstate and State Farm - as well as the firms that manufacture their claims-processing software, and the companies that offer them advice or collect their data.

The suit, filed in conjunction with several outside law firms deep in Katrina litigation, is based on the work of an ongoing investigation by the Louisiana Attorney General, who lost his re-election bid in the October 20 primary.

It says that these groups conspired to manipulate commerce for their own enrichment "by rigging the value of policyholder claims and raiding the premiums held in trust by their companies" and that companies "coerced their policyholders into settling their claims of damages for less than their value by editing engineering reports, by delaying payment and by forcing policyholders to litigate claims to receive full value."

Insurance company representatives were contacted late Wednesday afternoon for comment and had not yet responded by 5:45 p.m., only a short time after the suit was filed.

The suit names State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. and Allstate Insurance Co., Louisiana's two largest residential insurers; Farmers Insurance Exchange, the state's fifth largest homeowners insurance company; Standard Fire Insurance Co, better known as Travelers, the state's seventh largest homeowners insurer; military insurer USAA Casualty Insurance Co., the eighth largest homeowners company and tiny Lafayette Insurance Co., a division of United Fire Group.

The suit also names Marshall & Swift/Boeckh LLC and Xactware Inc., companies that manufacture leading claims adjusting software; and Xactware's parent company, insurance data collector Insurance Services Office Inc. It also names McKinsey & Co., an international consulting firm which was the architect of claims handling practices used by many major insurance companies.

The sweeping suit says that many insurance companies used the same consulting firm, McKinsey, to devise a strategy for reducing claims, and the success of those companies created financial pressure for everyone else in the industry to follow.

By using claims processing software manufactured by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh and Xactware, the industry has been able to standardize its tactics for low-balling claims, and create a "tainted" database of claims settlements figures which the industry uses to further depress estimates for what people need to repair their homes, according to the lawsuit.. Meanwhile, all of this data is centralized by Xactware's parent company, Insurance Services Office, better known as ISO, allowing companies to collude.

By using these outside vendors to unify "power and control," insurers systematically reduced the percentage of premium dollars that companies return to policyholders in the form of claims payments "under a shroud of secrecy." While the industry has historically paid 70 cents on every premium dollar collected back to policyholders in claims payments, in Katrina, they paid 50 cents for every premium dollar, the suit says.

Foti's suit was filed in conjunction with Baton Rouge sole practitioner Joseph McKernan; New Orleans sole practitioner Mark Glago; and the New Orleans law firms of Herman, Herman, Katz & Cotlar and Capitelli & Wicker. Those firms are working with Jane Johnson, Louisiana's assistant attorney general for anti-trust issues, without any guarantees earning legal fees.

The lawsuit relies heavily on the theories of New Mexico attorney David Berardinelli, who wrote a book about the McKinsey company's work for Allstate called "From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves." The title of the book is taken from a McKinsey slide advising the company to don boxing gloves and pummel anyone who doesn't accept settlements for pennies on the dollar.

Prior to McKinsey's consulting work for the industry, insurance was viewed as a quasi-public trust in which insurance played a vital role in indemnifying the middle class against financial ruin. But McKinsey, in its quest to increase profits for its clients, ignored this unique function of the industry, and created a devastating strategy that rewards shareholders at the expense of policyholders that has spread throughout the industry, Berardinelli says.

Foti's suit says that insurance companies engaged in horizontal price-fixing "with the explicit approval of insurer management," and strategies to delay and deny claims. In the face of such strategies, homeowners are essentially buying insurance that will never adequately compensate them, meaning that they are overpaying on their premiums.

The suit takes note of the record profits achieved by the industry in 2005 and 2006, despite fielding the most expensive hurricane seasons ever in 2004 and 2005.

In alleging the conspiracy, Foti's suit notes the vast influence that the outside firms named in the suit have on insurance companies. McKinsey, for example, advises two-thirds of the nation's Fortune 1000 companies.

ISO brags in press releases that it has a searchable database of more than 500 million insurance claims, and its Xactware is used by 16 of the nation's top 20 property insurers. The company's software allows insurers to monitor what claims adjusters are doing through its XactAnalysis Quality Review and compare their work to the latest prices reported in the software's Industry Trend Reports, and allows insurers to assign reinspections.

Those trend reports allow insurers "to share the current prices being submitted by competitors, and thus, coordinate the horizontal price-fixing suppression, or attempted suppression, of the overall market in repair services at virtually every geographic level and price component," the suit says.

By December 2005, the cost of repairing a home had doubled since before the storm, and the cost of completely rebuilding a home had gone up by 50 percent, the suit says, yet the price lists of the insurers named in the suit had only increased by 15 percent to 20 percent by December 2005.

Once enough companies are onboard using a certain product others are under pressure to follow. Farmers, according to the suit, visited with a bunch of other leading insurance companies in 1998 and 1999, and when it saw the financial benefits of using the standard claims processing software, it started using Xactimate, too.

The suit cites quotes by Frank Coyne, chairman, chief executive and president of ISO, boasting that computerized claims software and aggregated data are changing how companies do business, while companies that don't follow are going out of business.

"In just a decade and a half, approximately a third of the insurers serving the United States vanished as escalating competition ate into top-line revenue growth and bottom-line profitability. But it isn't just the intensity of competition that's changing . . .The nature of the competition is changing, too, as advances in predictive modeling and other analytical techniques enable leading insurers of all sizes to target their marketing, underwriting and pricing as never before."

Claims adjusters, the suit says, are pressured or required to accept the pricing database information from the Xactware or Marshall & Swift/Boeckh software in the estimates they write if the adjuster wants to be able to close the claim and get paid for the work.

While these companies purport to be providing an independent and objective benchmark for pricing, the suit says, "they intentionally devalue the market price in order to underpay their policyholders and/or artificially deflate, or attempt to deflate construction and repair costs in the affected market."

Meanwhile, the suit says that State Farm has testified under oath that it can modify Xactimate's price lists before adjusting claims. A pricing specialist conducts surveys building material suppliers for the latest prices and updated its New Orleans prices several times per quarter between 2005 and 2007. However, the suit says, a State Farm price list containing 10,000 different items was exactly the same as a Travelers price list on Nov. 15, 2005, something that would be "a statistical impossibility without collusion."

"This continuous arrangement gave insurers an unjust advantage over policyholder, which they took advantage of before, during and after the greatest disaster this country has ever suffered, by reaping huge profits from the misfortunes of persons whom they pledged to protect from risk of loss. They raised insurmountable odds against policyholders' ability to recover," the suit says.

The suit asks for all damages, including but not limited to, treble damages, attorneys fees and costs, injunctive relief and all equitable, declaratory and general relief.

David Vitter Back In the News

A former New Orleans prostitute who claims David Vitter was a regular customer in 1999 says the soon-to-be congressman and U.S. senator was sometimes stressed during their meetings, complaining about "these damn politicians" trying to derail his political career.

In an interview and accompanying explicit photo spread for which she was paid by Hustler magazine, Wendy Yow Ellis reveals little new about the relationship with Vitter than what she divulged earlier this year after Vitter's name was connected to a Washington, D.C., call girl operation.

In the interview, which will appear in the magazine's January edition, Ellis said she got into the "escort service" business in New Orleans after being approached at a strip club by a man she identified only as Jonathan. She said she soon began seeing Vitter at a French Quarter apartment, almost always on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at times between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., for several months. She suggested that Vitter, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1999, went to some lengths to keep the relationship secret.

"It was a rule that I could not wear any perfume, body lotions, not even take a shower," Ellis said. "Because he did not want any scent on him whatsoever. He would always come in, hang his jacket on the door, go into the bathroom and take a shower. He would come out with a towel wrapped around him and sit down on the bed. We'd talk. And then he'd do his business."

Ellis also said that "usually people would leave their condoms in the trash can," but Vitter would take his with him.

Vitter has acknowledged being a customer of Pamela Martin & Assoc., a D.C. escort service the Justice Department says was a prostitution ring. After his cell phone number was found in the service's records, Vitter confessed to committing a "very serious sin" and said he had sought forgiveness from God and his family.

Yow and Jeanette Maier, who has admitted to running a brothel on Canal Street, then said that Vitter had also used their services. Vitter has deflected questions about those allegations by saying, "those New Orleans stories" are not true.

Vitter did not respond Wednesday to questions about the Hustler interview.

Ellis gives some conflicting images of Vitter. At one point in the interview, Ellis, 34, says that after sex, Vitter would take a shower and then leave without saying goodbye.

But later in the interview, she says, that the Vitter told her he could trust her.

"He was personal that way. He'd say, 'This is my time with you. I don't want to spend my time anywhere else because I trust you. I know that I can come here because it's quiet and secluded.' And it was -- you had to go through several doors to get there. He would park a block away or have his driver drop him off. He was very quiet, very gentle. To me, he felt like a person who needed somebody just to be there."

Sometimes, Ellis told Hustler, she could sense that he was stressed. "He would talk about 'these damn politicians, they're trying to get me out of office.' He'd talk about Dave Treen, who was running against him" in a special election for Congress.

Vitter defeated fellow Republican Treen in a bitterly fought run-off election to succeed Rep. Bob Livingston, R-Metairie, in May 1999. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Ellis repeated her earlier account of the day their relationship ended. Ellis said she asked him if he ever wanted to see her "privately," and gave him her phone number. "I wrote my name down and said my real name's Wendy. And he said, 'Oh, my God.'¤" That was the last time they met for sex, she said. Vitter's wife is named Wendy.

Before that, Ellis said, she had used the name Leah, although she also said she worked under the name Wendy Cortez.

Ellis, who Hustler says passed a lie detector test, said Vitter would still come watch her dance at a French Quarter strip club after their relationship ended. "He'd just sit there and look at me," Ellis told Hustler.

Ellis said she decided to go public because "they called me a lying whore on the front page of my hometown newspaper, where my daughter could read it."

Ellis repeated her view that Vitter should resign. "How can you talk about family values when you are continuously doing the same thing over and over again? Family values is, I believe in my marriage, I believe in my children. I believe in what I can give to my country through my marriage and family -- not my hookers on the side."

What's Up With Google?

Gasoline pump maker Gilbarco Veeder-Root on Wednesday unveiled a new service that lets drivers use Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Maps at the pump to get directions to destinations chosen by gas station owners. The service, unveiled at the National Association of Convenience Stores conference in Atlanta, is part of Gilbarco's Applause media system, which has been incorporated in its Encore pumps with color screens and Internet connections. Applause is an extension of Gilbarco's SMART Merchandising system that retailers can use to display promotions and advertisements, and offer coupons through the pump's receipt printer.

Microsoft confirms 360 Family Timer for December

This morning, Microsoft upped the parental-control ante by officially announcing the long-rumored Family Timer feature for its Xbox 360 console. Based on a similar feature in the Windows Vista operating system, the feature lets parents limit the amount of time a child plays on a daily or weekly basis. Once a child nears the maximum playtime, a reminder will appear on the console to warn the player to save the game soon.

Should Rosie O be concerned?

Rosie O better watch out. The Pamp may blame her for his misfortune. Rosie would know how to handle the loser "PamP". I guess he would look into his bag of tricks and pull out another lie.

The 'Pamp's' Tatoo

Underage Drinking
Do responsible parents involve other people's children in underage drinking? Well, the Pamp did. Can you imagine someone older than your parents pursuing someone to get them drunk and take advantage of the poor soul? The TATOO is another story. Stay tune for more Pamp drama.

NBC News Wants to Hire Rosie

As "Talking Points" has been telling you for more than a year, the president of NBC, Jeff Zucker, is desperate. NBC is collapsing in the ratings on almost all fronts. And now Mr. Zucker has turned to Rosie O'Donnell to prop up MSNBC. Just think about this: NBC News, once a prestigious operation with excellent news people, now wants this:

Articles of Impeachment to be filed on Cheney

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter sent to his Democratic House colleagues this morning that he plans to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Kucinich has made ending the war in Iraq the central theme of his campaign. He has even taken aim at the leading Democratic presidential candidates in the field for their votes on authorizing the war.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How 'The Pamp' Met "Dina K" Does Chocolate

Dina K - The Chatline Queen
First, I would like to thank all of my readers for encouraging me with this blog. I know the saga of 'The Pamp' and family contains a lot of sick drama, but once full details are finally published, it will be worth every cent. Dina K does chocolate was another one of the Pamp's uncontrollable delights. Long nights and days of phone sex that was unbelievable. As soon as the tapes are released, I will send them out on podcast for everyone to hear. I will not tell you much about 'The Pamp' and 'Dina K's' sexual encounters, because you need to hear it for yourself to believe the horrid details.

Slimy Mac-P's Son Homeless 'Sheila Hudson'

No, this is not the real Sheila Hudson. It is just a symbol to get everyone of you to understand the full picture of 'The Pamp' mindset. 'The Pamp' was so excited over the homeless woman that he had sex with her the first day he met her. His drug addicted cousin, Keith introduced the two of them and they had a long wild fling. You see, the homeless Sheila Hudson slept in her car but 'The Pamp' did not mind. He was just excited that she wanted to spend time with him. To people in New Orleans, though, she was known as someone else. 'The Pamp' told New Orleans' folks that she was a record producer with RCA. 'The Pamp' and homeless Sheila Hudson laughed about the lie. What they did not understand was this: 'The Pamp' was so desperate that he would sleep with a homeless drug addict. The prostitute was next on his list.

GPamp's Prostitute Court Date

Today was gpamp's prostitute court day. We all know who GPamp is. Well, if you forgot, he is Slimy Mac-P's son. He also go by the alias of "The Pamp" "GPamp" and "Pampy". I know I promised everyone I would have the podcast available for those who wanted to hear the prostitute say how "The Pamp" did her orally. I promise all of you that I would have the podcast available soon. It is hilarious. She describes how he twirl his tongue in all of her orafices before she even showered for the day. You will have to hear it for yourself. Stay Tune!!!

What Would Some Do?

What some people won't post. I guess when a degenerate is on house arrest, the degenerate will post anything. How could someone exploit their relative in such a way. I guess the prostitute's honey well vapors got the best of the nerd during the burglary spree. We all know the nerd is a little psychotic, but he has totally gone over the edge. House arrest and prostitutes can do that to the psychotic.

Slimy Mac-P's Wife Upset

Poor Barbie-Barb upset because Slimy Mac-P is going to the Federal Pen. What advice would all of you give to Barbie-Barb? My advice to Barbie-Barb would be to get over it. Did she really think Slimy Mac-P would get away with his misdeeds? Perhaps. But Barbie-Barb should realize that there are consequences for ones actions. She married the cheating thief. Now live with the consequences.

Slimy Mac-P Blames Hurricane On Poor People

According to Slimy Mac-P, poor people caused the hurricane. Slimy Mac-P has lost his mind while he awaits his prison sentence.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Slimy Mac-P Wants To Exhume Mother Theresa

Slimy Mac-P wants to exhume Mother Theresa because he claims he only stole, from the City's coffers, in order to help her take care of the poor.
Slimy Mac-P's request to have Mother Theresa's body exhumed has been denied. It has been determined that Slimy Mac-P will tell the Feds anything in order to get a reduced sentence.

Slimy Mac-P Lies On Jeff Skilling



Today, Slimy Mac-P told the Feds that he was a part of the Enron debacle and that he bribed Jeff Skilling to keep his mouth closed. Jeff Skilling told the Feds, from his prison cell, that Slimy Mac-P is a pathetic liar and that they should check with Morial to get at the real truth.

Slimy Mac-P Enjoying His Freedom

Slimy Mac-P, Slimy Mac-P, III and children enjoying Slimy Mac-P's freedom before he goes to the federal pen.

Una Oakley Takes On Slimy Mac-P

Una Oakley takes on Slimy Mac-P after he told the Feds that she took bribes. Una Oakley vows to sue Slimy Mac-P for defamation of character. Please stay tune for the outcome of the battle between Una and Slimy Mac-P.

UNA OAKLEY says: Slimy Mac-P is a frightened little convicted weasel who will say anything in order to kiss the a##ss of the feds in hopes of a lesser sentence. I will kick his flat a##ss in court, the scumball!!!

Learn The "Pamps" Way of Picking Up Prostitutes

The "Pamps" way of picking up prostitutes is to befriend their daughter while ignoring his own four children; living with the prostitute and her mother; licking and sucking from the prostitutes well; and getting the prostitute pregnant.

Oh Yea: What about trying to pass the prostitute off as a millionaire. You all know who the "Pamp" is, don't you.

This is Slimy Mac-P's son and his hood rat cousins and friends

When pitiful Slimy Mac-P's son thought he and his hoodlum click were going to be rap stars. As you can see, this is nothing but a gang of hood rats jumping around as if they were on crack. Myspace do not discriminate against the pathetic.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Slimy Mac-P's Son Plea Bargained in his Criminal Case

Slimy Mac-P's son plea bargained in his first degree burglary case. The poor desperate soul actually stole an x-box, gun, some CDs, and video games. The Sumner police department could not stop laughing when he tried to pass himself off as a police officer from New Orleans. His favorite sayings were, nobody messes with the Pamp, or nobody messes with "Pampy".

Well, the 23 year old prostitute gave him a run for his money. He was actually fired from the New Orleans' Criminal Sheriff's office, however, Sheriff Paul Valteau wrote a letter to the court trying to say how if he wanted his job back, he could have it back. Others, in the department, said that was not true. They wanted their handcuffs back because they were afraid the "Pampy" would use it to commit other crimes.

Did Slimy Mac-P buy his convicted son a present?

This is so funny. What does one do when they are on home detention for burglary? Well, I guess they play on myspace.

Did Slimy Mac-P buy this piece of junk? Who knows. We do know that Slimy Mac-P is pretty desperate right now and he may have decided to give Slimy Mac-P, III a going away present.

There is a Slimy Mac-P In California

California have their own Slimy Mac-P. It appears that their investigation is just as long as the investigation of New Orleans' own Slimy Mac-P.

How Far Will Slimy Mac-P Go to Reduce His Sentence?

How would you react to Slimy-Mac-P's allegations? Well I pose that question to some of you and I totally agree with your reactions. Although Slimy Mac-P is heading to the federal pen, would he stoop to lying to save his neck? You bet he would. But just how far Slimy Mac-P is willing to go? I guess we have to stay tune to find that out.

Can Slimy Mac-P use the Alzheimers' Excuse?

On a previous post, I discussed the causes of Alzheimers. Do you think a 63 year old man, who is heading to prison, can have his sentence reduce if he claims that he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease? We were discussing that possibility and I concluded that the Federal Bureau of Prisons have facilities that can accomodate political operatives who may make false claims. So the bagman will have to search deeper in his bag of tricks to come up with another excuse.

What's wrong with New Orleans' Prostitutes?

I just thought I would pose that question to my readers. What is wrong with New Orleans' prostitutes? That question came up a couple of days ago during a discussion about a Hurricane Katrina evacuee who traveled all of the way to Federal Way, Washington to be with a prostitute. What made us all laugh though is how he serviced the whore. His pictures still seem to reveal the crust of her p8888y juice still around his mouth. I just thought I would share that little tidbit with you.

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